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Analyzes necessary for pregnant and significance tests

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The importance of comprehensive medical analysis.

To assist in the diagnosis of the symptoms of common diseases.

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Smoking is uncivilized and banned in public places in Western countries, and to stop him is like weaning when the baby because of habit and Alamadden, and according to the World regular health statistics, a hundred million people Toqgua in the twentieth century for reasons related to smoking every year and kills 4.2 million people due to smoking.

Aspirin can cause serious dangers

Scientists proved that ordinary aspirin could pose a serious threat to human life. The results of the study conducted by scientists from the Baylor Medical University in Britain that aspirin negatively affects the heart and blood vessels of the human person in 10 percent of cases.

Fish oil reduces the appearance of the symptoms of aging

A scientific study confirmed that moderate use and regular intake of fatty acids found in fish oils, can reduce the symptoms progress in Alsn.oozar presentation of the results of the experiment in the British festival scientific in Aberdeen that the ladies in the sixty-fifth who eat omega-3 fatty acids, acquired Omar muscular strength twice higher than others who have undergone the same testing and consumed olive oil

The most important medical advice

c virus

The incubation period ranging from hepatitis C between two weeks and six months. After the initial infection, it does not appear on the proportion of 80% of the people are no symptoms

B virus

No symptoms do not appear on most people during the acute stage of infection. Some, however, suffers from the symptoms at this stage last several weeks.

Drugs and their effect on the body

The impact of drugs on the nervous system
Overlap between the work of art and the work of narcotic responsible chemicals for nerve conduction occurs.
Slow down the different regions of the brain to perform its functions.

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Risk of obesity
The importance of drinking water and its effect on the body's functions
About Cholesterol
Risk of obesity

Obesity is common age disease, obesity of the first and most serious diseases of this age, and are sick phenomenon is a result of changing the quality of meals and availability of unhealthy foods associated with a lack of physical activity.

Obesity is not as comes to mind an aesthetic problem for adults only, it is also the most serious problems of children in the rapid proliferation. And medical research has demonstrated a link occurrence of obesity in childhood occurrence in old age, any child that chubby often suffer obesity in the future of his life!


The severe thinnest some negative effects on the sufferer's body, including what is simple influences, Kaltother cold weather, so the loss of body fatty layers that work isolating and protective body from the cold weather, so slim body is affected more cold climate during the winter.

The importance of drinking water and its effect on the body's functions

Regulates body temperature
The existence of ample amount of water in the body helps to regulate body temperature. Thermal properties of water and its ability to release heat from the body when the sweat evaporates from the surface of the skin greatly help to maintain the body temperature.

About Cholesterol

What is cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a fat that travels throughout the body via the blood. The body needs a certain percentage of cholesterol to work properly. But high cholesterol can cause a blockage in the arteries, which makes you more susceptible to heart disease and stroke.