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High blood pressure did not personally is fatal Jun 16 2016 2:49PM

ROX Medical Inc. invented the American experts, a device the size of a pin, dubbed "coypler" to regulate blood pressure in people who suffer from it.
This device has passed clinical tests on 83 volunteers with high blood pressure and did not benefit the pharmaceutical organized. This device is shown in the groin area (lower abdomen) between the artery and vein highest thigh volunteers and the results were positive, as everyone said they felt comfortable after the operation. But the afternoon when some of them (30 percent) tumor in place to install it, and it has to address the strengthening of the vein.
After half a year, he appeared improvement in the health status of all those who took the test, a clear drop in blood pressure.
The head of the British Blood Pressure Association, a professor of clinical pharmacology at Dundee University, Professor Tom MacDonald, said the new device could radically change the treatment of high blood pressure, because it is between the superiority compared to the currently used means and used