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Discovered how dangerous antibiotics and painkillers Jun 16 2016 2:56PM

The results of scientific studies and research conducted by scientists, that the risk of taking certain pharmaceuticals usual, larger than previously thought.
Where it expanded the scientists from two universities Americas list of medications used by people without going back to the doctors, and the cause taken up negative results to humans. What is meant here antibiotics and pain relievers, after scientists discovered they pose a great danger to human life.
Scientists have studied the effect of antibiotics in the health status of animals in laboratory tests and clinical conditions, and discovered that it is able to infect the mucous layer of the stomach and intestines were severely damaged.
These damages according to expert opinion, cause pathological changes in the microbiology and it undermines the effectiveness of the body's immune system.
The researchers confirmed, that the impact of antibiotics and the risks resulting from covered has not been studied in detail yet.