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Innovation '' umbrella '' to prevent stroke Jun 16 2016 3:02PM

Invented scientists from the Russian city of Tomsk, a device that works Kalmazlh in the human body and prevents the occurrence of stroke.
Participated in the creation of this "umbrella" cardiologist in the city and scholars solid minerals and materials science Physics Institute. This "umbrella" made of metallic nickel and titanium "NiTi". It shrinks in cold temperatures, but after that the heat inside the human body bloom Kalmazlh completely.
Intervention "parachute" into the body through an opening in the femoral vein and continue Kstrtha to reach the left atrium "Left Atrium", which is the source of blood clots. The doctor in this process by X-ray controls. Upon the arrival of "parachute" into the left atrium rising temperature and begin to open up as close ear left atrium to completely prevent the clots move.
Tested "umbrella" on animals and the results were positive, it was found that the body does not Alfezha and it is non-toxic to the body's internal organs and the body in general.
Cardiologist comprehensive Akhmetov says: "We have to show us that it is better than medicine to help alleviate the density of blood, which can not prevent the occurrence of stroke. "Umbrella" will be used to prevent stroke occurrence among the most vulnerable to its patients. These patients are usually under constant surveillance by cardiologists and nerves. "
Will begin clinical testing of this "umbrella" immediately after obtaining the approval of the competent health authorities.
It should be noted that about 6 million people are infected annually with stroke in the world, where the stroke occupies the second place in terms of mortality after heart disease