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AIDS transmitted to humans from chimps Jun 16 2016 3:07PM

Report on the source of HIV, "AIDS" refers to the two types of it moved to rights of chimpanzees and gorillas.
According to a report prepared by a team of scientists, and published by the French Institute for Research and Development, that the disease of HIV, "AIDS" are four types (M, N, O, P), and types "M, N" moved to the rights of chimpanzees and gorillas living in south-west of Cameroon.
Scientists reached this result to waste the two types of monkeys in Cameroon, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and genetic analyzes. Professor Martin Peters says of the British University of Liverpool "Our study shows that HIV when monkeys (SIV), which infects chimpanzees and gorillas, can penetrate the species barrier, causing the epidemic."
Type "M" (HIV - 1 disease) causing the epidemic, hit by more than 40 million people in the world. The type "P" discovered only when two people in the world, while the wounded with type "O" Many of the inhabitants of the countries of Central and West Africa, without spreading in the world.
The type "N" (the source of HIV - 2), it also affects the population of the countries of Central and West Africa, but the source of HIV in monkeys.
Where he discovered the first time when the macaques and Almangabo, and infected 75 million people, mostly residents of countries in sub-Saharan Africa and caused the deaths of 36 million of them.