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Deadly bacteria that colonize the US clinics and hospitals Jun 17 2016 10:16AM

Scientists have warned of the danger of a review of doctors' offices, because they contain deadly bacteria resistant to disinfectants.
Scientists from the United States says that doctors' offices contain bacteria "C.Diff" resistance to cleanse, which provides a year on the lives of about 15,000 people in the United States.
According to scientists accounts, were injured this bacteria in the past year about half a million people of the US population, all of whom see our doctors' offices, and that the people who finished shortly before taking antibiotics, they are more likely than anyone else to suffer this bacteria "Clostridium Difficile", where destroy everything that exists in the intestine. Because antibiotics creates a very favorable environment for the activity of these bacteria.
Based on the report submitted by scientists from the Center for Infectious Diseases and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, there are these bacteria often in clinics and hospitals. As has been some time ago to prove that 33 percent of the half million people who were not harried by hospitals, but when they were dentists and other clinics. As it turns out that these bacteria have high resistance of the materials used in the sterilization of hands, and they live everywhere, even in the furniture and bed sheets hospitals.