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A new generation of antibiotics discovered in the blood of crocodiles Jun 17 2016 10:20AM

Scientists have discovered in the blood of crocodiles Beptadat anti-microbial and bacteria, so they have the immune system is unique.
Live alligators on the face of the earth about 37 million years ago, and managed through the stages of evolution of the composition of a very strong immune system, protects it from various microbes and bacteria.
The researcher says Bernie Baichob from George Mason University, "catch crocodiles during conflicts that get them on numerous wounds, healed in a short period, although contaminated environmental conditions in which they live."
Crocodiles immune system, like other vertebrates that live on earth. But the study conducted by chemists from Louisiana in 2008 showed that clotting blood crocodile kills 23 strains of bacteria, can help overcome HIV, "AIDS."
Scientists realized that the molecules in the blood of crocodiles antimicrobial, what are the only enzymes that can break down lipids.
The scientific team tested these molecules and found it similar to peptide (CAMP) antimicrobial.
For this discovery of great importance, because the microbes and bacteria resistant to drugs and drugs currently in use are increasing day after day. Therefore, the discovery of these molecules antimicrobial in the blood of crocodiles Mississippi River may lead, to devise a new generation of antibiotics. For this, the researchers intend to conduct a study of blood and other types of crocodiles that live in different parts of the world.