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Fish oil reduces the appearance of the symptoms of aging Jun 17 2016 10:27AM

A scientific study confirmed that moderate use and regular intake of fatty acids found in fish oils, can reduce the symptoms progress in Alsn.oozar presentation of the results of the experiment in the British festival scientific in Aberdeen that the ladies in the sixty-fifth who eat omega-3 fatty acids, acquired Omar muscular strength twice higher than others who have undergone the same testing and ate olive oil.
And linked some studies between increased intake of omega-3 is generally found in fish oils such as mackerel and sardines in the meals and the potential health benefits such as reducing coronary diseases Bakulb.fajlal period of aging at least the size of the muscle increased by between half to two percent annually. this process is called "Sarcoppinaa" causing weakness and stagnation in the elderly.
The information is known about the extent of the spread of Alsarcoppinaa in Britain is limited, but the data coming from the United States indicate that a quarter of people between the age of 50 and the 70-year-old suffering from these symptoms and increase the rate by half among those beyond the age of eighty years.
According to Dr. Gary Stewart of the University of Aberdeen, the numbers of people with very large Balsarcoppinaa, and that between half to one percent of the size of the role of care budget is spent on diseases associated Balsarcoppinaa.
And the associated loss of muscle strength rate lifestyle mainly, as well as rates of dependence on low-protein diet, life is quiet and stable known to increase the sagging muscles rates.
Previous studies have shown that animals fed foods rich in omega -3 enhance the strength of muscles. He called Dr. Gary research on whether these fatty acids may reduce the symptoms when Alsarcoppinaa age.
In preliminary studies, Dr. Gary discovered through magnetic resonance images that rats in middle age that has fed on additional food items containing fish oil achieved a lower rate in the lost muscle strength than their counterparts that are fed a normal feeding system.
Dr. Gary says: "The fish oil has the ability to promote the building of muscles in mice, but mice are not like humans, but this second step is to try and experiment on humans."
To this Dr. Gary adopted on 14 women at the age of 65 years Ksmhn into two groups, Okhaddahma program of diet for 12 weeks, the program includes muscle exercises for 30 minutes.
And half of women have been giving them acids EPA and DHA that contains the substance of omega-3 fatty acids, while the other group was given olive oil as an alternative treatment.
It was the power of the muscles of the legs to measure the women at the beginning and end of the experiment. The results were convincing, where the power of women who Anoln olive oil by 11 percent, while the muscles rose statistical ratio rose dramatically in women who ate acids EPA and DHA for up to 20 percent.
But Dr. Gary stressed in his interview to the BBC that "One of the problems is that the amount of EPA vary in dosage, Vkpsolh containing one gram of fish oil may contain 100 milligrams of EPA and may contain 400."
He advised anyone who would like to increase the intake of EPA and DHA that deals with capsules containing the highest levels of these fatty acids, instead of the capsules medium quantities of fish that contain these oils can offer the same quantities used in the experiment.
Sex differences
Investigators are now received funding to carry out the largest of 60 people aged over 65 years to ensure that the beneficial effects of fatty acids experience. The new experiment will begin after agreement with the men and women who will undergo testing.
Previous research showed different men and women respond to the new quality of protein, as well as the different responses for muscle exercises.
Dr. Gary explains this by saying: "older women to have the same levels of protein production that exists among younger women, while levels fall in older men than younger men."
It is scheduled to begin the experiment on a larger scale next month, and will be selected people from the Aberdeenshire area.