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The emergence of new cases of '' epidemic deep sleep '' mysterious in Kazakhstan Jun 17 2016 10:38AM

New cases of the disorder, which can not be explained, which is called the "epidemic deep sleep" in Kalache village in Kazakhstan, where he suffered one of every 10, there emerged from the case of the mysterious sleeping in broad daylight.
It was said that some of the population is unable to wake up for several consecutive days.
"The Omanbek Kganov" head "Ezell" area management in Kazakhstan: "ninth wave of the disease has begun. On March 1 / March, two people were injured, a man and a woman, since the outbreak of the disease infected at least 120 people."
According to Kganov, general situation in Kalache village in northern Kazakhstan, is under control, the local hospital in full operation and prepare for the case.
He said local administrator "Sergei Kulagain": at the same time that most of the residents of the village, which was home to more than 600 people, have agreed to move to other areas, and among the 218 families there, said 124 families from their desire to leave, and I left the village already 34 families (95 people), including 27 children.
It has been reported the first cases of "epidemic of sleep" in the March / March 2013, and suffered everybody in the village of the epidemic either have a family member or a friend, who have fallen asleep long deep sleep for no apparent reason, according to local residents individuals.
He said, "Igor Samosenko" the father of a child suffering from this disease: "If you try to wake him up, it seems that he wants to open his eyes, but he can not, he slept only, long deeply ...".
Despite numerous attempts to find the cause of the disorder, which can not be explained, Valghaz is still unknown, visited a group of scientists and physicians, including scientists in the field of viruses and radiologists and toxins, the village in an attempt to find the cause of the mysterious illness, it was all no avail.

Last month, Professor, "Leonid Rakhvanov" said the Ministry of geographical and geological environment in the city of Tomsk, the uranium mines from the Soviet era could be the cause of this epidemic mysterious, with the possibility of radon gas from the nearby mines leak to the surface, which poisons the locals