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Kabsa cause inflammation in the brain Jun 17 2016 10:45AM

The results of the tests conducted by doctors to patients suffering from depression, the presence of inflammation in the brain.
In the opinion of the doctors, are active during the depression a special type of cells in the nervous system phase "microglia - Microglial cells" that cause these infections, as a reaction of the body to hit the cellular structure. In this way the brain reacts with depression. They assert that these infections, in turn, hold the psychological state of the patient.
This discovery allows doctors to develop more effective ways to treat mental illnesses and infections caused by them, or they cause.
It should be noted, that in recent years has spread gloom widely, especially in developed countries, where about 20 percent of the population suffer from it. According to expert opinion will mental illnesses by 2020, a deficit of work diseases.
On the other hand suggested Dr. Trohan Canla of the American University of Stony Brook, reconsider the gloom disease, and confirms that is not caused by psychological state, but parasites and bacteria, or viruses that cause gastrointestinal illness.
According to Dr. Canla theory, patients with depression exhibit the same disease symptoms in patients with infectious diseases.