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Probiotics '' unable to control the level of sugar in the blood Jun 17 2016 11:08AM

Scientists have discovered that eating biological materials "probiotics" dietary supplements, in the form of tablets help to improve the health status of diabetic patients.
Scientists believed that despite the fact that this new feature of this material discovered after tested on rodents, but he whereby the future will be eliminated once and diabetes in humans.
Experts managed to invent lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli) that secrete peptide Algluckajon - 1 (GPL - 1) which is formed in the intestines during eating. This biological material scientists gave to laboratory rodents infected with diabetes. Treatment process lasted three months and the result was a decline in the level of sugar in the blood of rodents by 30 percent.
In the opinion of scientists, because due to the improved results, a shift of the epithelial cells in the upper part of the intestinal cells to operate in the form of beta cells in the pancreas. No it secretes the hormone insulin when needed to balance the level of sugar in the blood.
The scientists intend to increase the dose of biological material, where, according to their belief, it will help in permanently get rid of diabetes.
Probiotics - are microscopic organisms, research and scientific studies have shown that they can be beneficial to health.
In general, scientists believe that there is a need for more studies before making a final conclusion on the safety of probiotics in general or on specific types and strains, to determine the therapeutic properties of health and usefulness to humans in the future.