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DNA shows the date of death Jun 17 2016 11:12AM

Doctors say, that when the biological age of DNA to humans former real life, it refers to the near death of man.
Scientists have studied the case of five thousand people through the follow-up to the changes of chemical changes in the DNA and compare the real human life of his age Diversity, and concluded that lack of alignment refers to the speed of aging and the likelihood of premature death, while those who match the real, biological, aged live much longer.
The science team was able to interpret the chemical reactions that get into the body through a human life, has discovered a "biological clock" that can help in determining the length of a person's age.
According to "Science Blog" magazine which biological age was greater than the real old die before that matches Amrah Diversity and real.
Experiments and studies have continued for 14 years during which he took factors such as smoking, diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels. These tests included the analysis of biological age by studying the chemical changes to DNA, that stimulate or inhibit the activity of genes.
Scientists say the University of Edinburgh Scottish "that match the four studies have shown the relationship between the biological clock of the human person and his death for various reasons the results."
Other studies on longevity also showed, that the different forms of the same gene "alleles - Alleles" carried by every fifth person, responsible for own decision-making area of ​​the brain. And genetic forms of options linked to longevity.